1986 Mustang SVO

2A (Medium Canyon Red)


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Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

79,668 Miles on
Monroe NC USA
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Sold for $6,705.

Assembled at Dearborn Assembly on 12-7-1985

This vehicle is #1521 of a build of 3,382

And is #186 of 384 manufactured in Medium Canyon Red Metallic

After a second energy crisis, most people believed that V8-powered cars were living on borrowed time. Nevertheless, the public again began clamoring for performance cars. Enter the 1984-1986 MUSTANG SVO, a GT with a European approach to performance.

From Ford literature – “When Ford gave the slogan ‘The machine speaks for itself’ to the SVO, it knew the turbo four banger would be a sophisticated, race-proven automobile for driving enthusiasts. All of its exterior modifications, from the dual rear wing to the hood scoop are all functional. The power delivery is smoother with next to no turbo lag. This car offers world-class performance and can rival the cornering ability of the Ferrari 308 and Porsche 944.”

The Mustang SVO showed the world that with a sophisticated fuel injection system, turbo and intercooler, a 2.3 four-cylinder could make enough power to rival engines twice its size and still get 25 mpg.

2.3-Liter Turbo – Built a Ford’s Lima, Ohio plant, the 2.3 liter single overhead-cam four put out 205 bhp and 240 lb-ft for the 1986 models.

Five-Speed Transmission – Marketed as a serious driver’s car, the SVO was only available with a Borg-Warner T-5, 5-Speed, manual transmission and a Hurst short-throw shifter.
Suspension Upgrades – SVOs were upgraded with Koni adjustable gas pressurized shock absorbers, recalibrated coil springs, front and rear anti-roll bars and close-ratio power steering. This contributes to its outstanding handling.

Four-Wheel Discs – To ensure that SVO’s could stop as quickly as they accerlate, they were all equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. This didn’t become standard again on regular Mustangs until 1994.

Live Rear Axle – SVOs came with a 7.5-inch live rear axle with a Traction-Lok differential and quad rear shocks. 3.73 gears for the 1986 model.

Distinguishing Features – SVO variants can be distinguished from other ‘Stangs by twin square headlights, rear wheel spats, grill-less front styling, functional hood scoop, bi-level deck-lid spoiler and unique taillight treatment.

Driver-Oriented Interior – Interior equipment includes an 8,000 rpm tachometer, multi-adjustable sport bucket seats, leather-rimmed steering wheel, plus power door locks, mirrors and windows. Its pedals are configured to allow heel and toe downshifting.

1986 was the third and final year of production for the famed Mustang SVO. This is a 3 owner car and the same owner the last 8 years. This Mustang SVO has a clean CAR-FAX history and was repainted approximately 10 years ago to the factory original color of Medium Canyon Red Metallic.

This car has excellent documentation including the FORD MUSTANG SVO Certificate; the original Bill of Sale dated 6-26-1986 and sold new at Lee Motor Co. in Wilson, NC; original 1986 Mustang Owner’s Guide; Original 1986 Mustang Operating Guide; Original Owner’s ID Card; Original Ford Pre-Recorded Cassette Designed for the Car; Original Brochure About Your KONI SHOCKs on Your Ford SVO; 1986 Mustang SVO statics; 1984-1986 Mustang SVO Brochure.

PLEASE NOTE - ORGINAL PARTS – For the purist who may want to return this Mustang SVO to original condition the following original parts go with the car.

- As shown, the car has a set of ’05 Mustang Bullet Wheels – the Original set of Wheels go with the car to the new owner.
- The original radio/cassette player goes with the car. Currently, a nice sounding Kenworth AM/FM stereo with CD player is installed.
- Original KONI shocks go with the car to the new owner.
- Original Springs go with the car to the new owner.

Overall, this is a very nice 1986 Mustang SVO. Foxbody Mustangs are becoming more popular than ever and this SVO was technologically ahead of his time back in the day. The car has plenty of power and shifts through the gears with ease. As noted, the car has been repainted some 10 years ago and has some paint chips on the hood and sides. The A/C blows ice cold; power steering, power brakes and power windows all work as expected. The interior presents well and white gauge overlays have been installed. We noted that the power locks are not working. Given the vehicle age the mileage is Exempt; however, the odometer is showing 79,668. The speedometer was replaced by the past owner due to the cable not working and actual miles are unknown.