The SVO Registry is the only publicly available online registry for the 1984 - 1986 Ford Mustang SVO. Every entry helps SVO enthusiasts track the history of each car.

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1984 9W (Dark Charcoal)
Owned by Dustin Barnes in Delphi IN USA 46923
22,200 Miles on
1984 1C (Black)
Minot ND USA

1986 7B (Dark Shadow Blue)
Owned by Kirby Gudmundson in Rosedale Valley AB CA T4L1Y3


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1984 1C (Black)

39,991 Miles on
Rochester NY USA
Entry Photo

Found on Insurance Auto Auction website ( at the Rochester, NY branch. Looks like it has been sitting for a while (debris under hood). Broken driver outer marker and taillight only damage seen.

Also spotted in database of salvage titles.