About The Registry

1984 Mustang SVO promotional image

The Ford Mustang SVO was a limited-production version of the Ford Mustang sold from 1984 to 1986. The Mustang SVO Registry was built as a way for owners, potential owners, and other SVO enthusiasts to read about the history of each SVO. As the registry grows, SVO enthusiasts can track any SVO through time to read the history of the car as it has changed hands over the years.

Visitors should feel free to download entire copies of the registry and the source code that runs this site.

More information about the Mustang SVO can be found at Wikipedia.

Registry Statistics

The registry now contains 1202 cars and 1369 entries!

Year Cars in Registry Total Production
1984 400 4506
1985 187 1512
1985.5 65 439
1986 451 3378

Registered Cars by Year

Registered Cars by Color Code