1986 Mustang SVO

2A (Medium Canyon Red)


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Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

128,564 Miles on
Goshen KY USA
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Asking price $1,500.

Found on eBay priced at $1,468.54. Listed on forum for $1500.

I purchased this 1986 SVO to restore but have to many other projects to finish at this time so time to pass it to someone else to enjoy. The previous owner told me that  the engine was rebuilt using a HV oil pump and wore the dist gear out in a short time i had a friend that did the same thing in his car and that whats happened to him also. The car is really a solid car to restore under the car looks good floors look good trunk looks good with no rust holes just some surface. The Pass door has a very large dent in it (see pics)  and there is a rust bubble in the L side quarter panel just above the rear tire. The car looks to have a fairly new dual exhaust system on it mufflers look to be Magna Flow. SVO front seats a gone and someone installed looks like GT cloth seat gray color. The car still has the SVO door panels the SVO steering wheel and horn pad but the dash fuzzies are gone and have been replaced with a standard dash panel. Fog Lamps are in very good condition and come with the car.The inner and outer Parking lamps both sides are there and in good condition.