1986 Mustang SVO

2A (Medium Canyon Red)

VIN 1FABP28T1GF193397

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Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

66,431 Miles on
Arnold MO USA
Entry Photo
Asking price $10,400.

Found on eBay. Text from ad:

"This is my step dads beautiful 1986 Mustang SVO Turbo with 66K original miles. He passed away about 2 years  ago and has a small collection of cars that I will be selling  for my mom as of course she doesnt need them. He worked for Ford in Dearborn, MI for 38 years and loved the mustangs. He took very good care of each and everyone of them and you will love this car its super fun to drive.

The car is Canyon Red with Gray interior, premium sound system, Ice cold a/c. power windows, power locks, tilt wheel great heat.

This car runs and drives perfect !!! The interior is in mint condition, and even has the new car smell inside. (Never smoked in," not even once")...no rips, no tears, no stains, NOTHING. All the gauges , lights, horn, stereo, map light, fog lights everything works perfect. The instrument cluster lights are still super bright red, It really feels like your driving a brand new 1986 SVO down the road !! Its a trip)

MOTOR: Just in the last year we did new plugs, new wires, new cap, new rotor, new , new gates timing belt and tensioner, flushed and fill radiator, new tranny fluid, new rear end gear oil ect... All maintenance is done and the car is ready to go. Even though is only has 66K original miles I still wanted to do all fluids evt...... and make sure is ready for new owner to enjoy.

These cars like I said above are so fun to drive and has a cool body style and they were fast for 1986 but not so much for todays world, so he had a little work done and the car now puts out around 315HP and 334tq she moves out !!! and is a blast to drive. The car is now pushing around 19psi instead stock 13psi and is still very, very reliable. It was all done by a professional older ford guy tech my( dads buddy) who knows these cars inside and out.

The outside and under car: First off ,,,,,there is no rust anywhere on or under this car. The paint still shine's very nice, re-paint in 2007, not the best painter in the world  but still very nice. The headlights and fog lights are crystal clear, tail lights still look brand new, the double SVO wing is still nice (not faded) the rims still look brand new (no curb rash) tires are brand new, still has orig exhaust. Im telling you right now I would trust this car to hop in it and drive across country with no problems at all !!!

You can fly in from anywhere and drive this car home !! The first person that actually comes to see this car is person I believe will buy it on the spot so the I'm taking calls in order its only fair. The first serious caller or bidder with cash will get the car. I priced it 5,000 under NADA , so it should go pretty quick. If you have a zero rating you must call before you bid or it will be cancelled."

63,500 Miles on
Detroit MI USA
Entry Photo
Asking price $7,469.

On AutoTrader. Exact posting date unknown. Text from ad:

"This is an awesome car. Very fast and fun to drive. It has less than 64k original miles and is in great shape. There is no rust on the car. The car has new tires (BF Goodrich G Force Rival), new brakes, new clutch and pressure plate, and a new starter. My intention was to detail the car in the spring - specifically to shine it up and reinstall the emblems (which are included) - and then decide if I was going to keep it or sell. But unfortunately, I have too many projects and not enough space, so I am offering this great car to you. Also, included in the sale is a very nice1986 Ford Premium Sound Stereo that I picked up on ebay a couple weeks ago to replace the aftermarket stereo that's in the car now. Also, I am only the 3rd owner of the car, not the 4th as the AutoCheck says."

63,354 Miles on
Oak Harbor OH USA
Entry Photo
Asking price $5,000.

Found on eBay. Bidding went up to $3,250.01.

"This is a low mileage SVO that has not been modified.   The previous owner was a Ford employee in Detroit .  About 10 years ago he decided to repaint and restore this car.  He got it all stripped down and then got sick and passed away.  I bought the car from his daughter last year with the intent of restoring it to its original condition.  The paint was faded and there was some surface rust.  The body is solid.  I prepared the car for painting and painted it with PPG products.  Unfortunately I am not as good a painter as I thought so there are a couple of runs but it looks pretty good.  After setting all those years, the engine started and runs OK.  I did have to replace many parts.  New brake pads and rebuilt calipers, all new brake hoses and most brake lines, rebuilt master cylinder, new radiator, rebuilt power steering rack and pinion and pump,  new original equipment clutch and pressure plate.  I installed four new  BF Goodrich 225/50ZR16 G Force Rival tires on the original wheels. I did install new headlight bulbs, Phillips X-Treme vision that improved night driving."