1986 Mustang SVO

1D (Dark Gray)

VIN 1FABP28T5GF198862

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Car Details
Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road No
Deceased No

45 Miles on
Owned by Mark in MI USA
Entry Photo

This is the "7 mile" SVO.  This is the "school car".  This is the car purchased by Mark Haas while in AZ from Ivailo Christov.   Purchased "sight unseen" - when car arrived (see photo) it was a sight !  PUNISHED car for a year -then worked on getting it running. With only 7 miles once started it was tight and stong.   Car needed EVERYTHING !!  Spent 5 years in an autoshop where the rear was R and R'ed many times.  (Car had wrong hardware and was missing items) MOSTLY it need attention to everypanel, paint and all new plastic lights etc. Once the wiring was repaired -from where the truck deliverer for Ford cut the main harness - Neil Embro drove around my home and we put 34 miles on car.   Traded for Gary's 85.5 4E that he wanted $14K Canadian - in 2005 when excchange was 1.5 to 1.   Mark purchased with intent of restoring, sold his Comp Prep in preparation of such.  Appeared in Jerry Heasley RARE FINDS in Mustang Monthly.  Car is NOT in the early inaccurate 3rd Generation or SVOCA registies as it was Ford branded T1 Title and stricken from records. Current Ford Database shows car with production of 2/5/1986.  Removed from DSO dealer in Washington state and donated to Tech School in California.  While sitting outside for 10 years car weathered, was "smokin in" and had a stain on the back seat (like a dog or cat slept there)