1986 Mustang SVO

2R (Jalepeno Red)

VIN 1FABP28T9GF173978

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Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

94,400 Miles on
Owned by Ryan in Santa Rosa CA USA
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Asking price $4,400.

Listed on eBay at $4,400. No bids.

It was recently tuned, and has a MSD TFI coil on it. It has Stainless Steel Brake Lines. It has Z-rated tires on it, and FlowMasters. I have also add'd a Blitz Turbo Timer II on it, which lets the car run when you turn "off" the car, so that it will cool down the turbo, extending the life and quality of the turbo. You can also check the temperature of the engine, and do lap times with the BTTII. The interior is perfectly clean except for a little rip on the side of the Drivers seat. The clutch on the car is going out, but it will last for a few more months. The paint job is the original Jalapeno Red color, so it does have some wear on it after being 17 years old. It has some scratches and little paint chips on the lip of the hood, the side of the doors, and under the antenna as I will show you in the pictures. There are two very little dings on the side of the car that I will have taken out for the buyer of the car when it gets detailed. Also, the Mustang does smoke on start up. I had it checked out, and the shop said that it is due to what he believes it is a Valve Stem Cell leak. He said it does not afect the performance of the mustang at all, that its just like most mustangs that ussually smoke on start up, or if you floor it. Mines on start up for a second. The car has only been drivin about 14,000 miles in the last 12 years Also, I was trying to get some of the grease/dirt off of my rims, and my friend gave me a "special solution". I used it on the rims, and not only did it eat away some of the dirt, it ate away some of the polished rims. So, the rims do look a little funky becuase of that, they may need re-polishing. Also, once the car is completly sold, I will bring it to a car detail shop to have it Washed, Waxed, Shampooed and the engine compartment cleaned. I like to sale my personal property in the best shape that I can. Thank you, Ryan