1986 Mustang SVO

2R (Jalepeno Red)

VIN 1FABP28T7GF207402

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Interior Leather
Sunroof Yes
On Road Yes

1,554 Miles on
Chicago IL USA
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Text from eBay listing:

The SVOCA looked the car over years ago to get the inspection markings and stamps catalogued this fully documented. This car is completely stock. I purchased this car five months ago for $30,000 from bestofshowautomotive.com (who sold the car on consignment for the original owner). At the time I purchased the car it only had 99 miles on it. Yes, 99 miles! I have put the other 1,455 miles on it. Prior to me taking delivery of the car, the following things were professionally done to the car at a cost of over $1,500 (this is in addition to the $30,000 sale price): * All belts and hoses replaced * All fluid flushed and replaced * All new tires. After I purchased the car, I took it to a Ford Dealership that specializes in Mustangs (Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, Illinois) and they looked the entire car over and performed a world class inspection. The only thing that had to be replaced was the air vein meter. I also had the air conditioning converted to R134. This car absolutely runs like a new car. Absolutely everything on the car works, and works like new. The interior is absolutely flawless. The exterior is equally flawless except for a small rock chip near the very front of the hood which I touched up with touch up paint. The only additional items I added to the car was I had the car rust proofed by Ziebart to forever protect the absolutely 100% rust free condition of this car, I added the top of the line Ravelco car alarm (at a cost of $450) and I had the LoJack system installed to assure the car will never get away (at a cost of $1,000).