1986 Mustang SVO

1C (Black)

VIN 1FABP28T7GF198250

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Car Details
Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

135,000 Miles on
Owned by Carole Anne Scott in Canton MA USA

Previous owner's name was Cleighton Soares. He sold it to Dana Scott who registered it in his wife's name. Mr. Soares smacked up the front end and that is why he sold it. A replacement front clip was purchased from Paul Becker. The donor car for the front clip was an '84 SVO that ended up being sold to Roger K.(ninjaboy) as the basis of his White Trash SVO project. This '86 had the hilbilly mechanic treatment done to it before Dana bought it. Many of the underhood wiring connections were made with house wiring spec wire nuts. The air box was replaced with a K&N cone type(good) and the VAM was then loosely attached to the car with plumbers strapping(bad). The cam cover and various pieces under the hood were 'freshened up' with bright blue spray paint with little masking. The alternator had been replaced with a unit that only had a single v-bely pulley. The '86 leather seats were missing and some other seats installed instead, I think they were T-Bird seats. A monster tach had been installed, it was bolted thru the dash pad.