1984 Mustang SVO

2A (Medium Canyon Red)

VIN 1FABP28T7EF145769

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Slapper bars No
Interior Leather
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

100,468 Miles on
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Copying info from my classified add to help future owner:  1984 Mustang SVO. California car. Newer tires, brakes, clutch. The engine/ turbo,injectors, intake, etc. has around 5k miles on it and was stored since 1984. The original motor has a damaged piston due to detonation and is not installed. Will include original numbers matching block. 1986 headlights installed. Will include original lights if desired. Shocks are all the correct Koni's and were replaced under warranty. Mechanically the car runs great and is it should. Boost control system works perfect so with premium switch selected boost to ~14 psi and with premium switch off the boost is ~8psi. Amplifier switch works as it should. E-brake works as it should. Underside of car is rust free other than typical surface rust on rear end housing due to being from California. Headliner was replaced so is not sagging.

Dash has a dash cap installed and painted to match interior due to cracked dash from California sun. Steering wheel is from an 86 Mustang I believe and has same shape as SVO but not leather wrapped. Horn pad is original SVO and is in great shape. E-brake has scuffing. Shift knob is Ford Motorsport but look just like SVO just says Ford instead of Hurst symbol. Shifter boot original SVO in great condition. The rubber along top of doors could be replaced as it is the original and brittle due to California sun and 28 years old. Carpet in great shape as are seats. A/C needs charged but did work a couple years ago. Paint in very good shape there are some minor scratches here and there. Fuel tank and pump are newer. Black trim around windows repainted with satin finish which looks factory. Runs great and code scanner produces 11 which means no faults.

96,878 Miles on
Rapid City SD USA
Entry Photo

What you are looking at is a very nice original example of the rare high performance SVO Mustang. This is a second owner vehicle. The miles on this are original. This was a California car. The nice part about it being a California car is that it has no rust. The original owner moved to South Dakota several years ago but did not drive it much and it has remained rust free. He very much liked the car and kept it original with no modifications. I know these cars can be modified to become wickedly fast.

Leather seats, Air conditioning, Power locks, Power windows