1984 Mustang SVO

2A (Medium Canyon Red)

VIN 1FABP28T6EF140207

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Car Details
Slapper bars Unknown
Interior Cloth
Sunroof Yes
On Road Yes

79,000 Miles on
Langhorne PA USA
Sold for $3,000.

Posted on eBay

this is a 1984 svo it does run but not well. it has dual flowmaster exhaust new rear springs rear calipers and pads new injectors new iac and tps it has a cold air intake and a bypass valve in innercooler.i dont have time to work on this anymore thes are rare cars and are becoming more collectable. the driver seat is ripped other seats are fine the rug is faded the dash is new the headliner is new the heater core annd ac evaporater are new.the rest of ac parts are missing. the car has minmal rust it does need love but is well worth the time i described as best as i can the car is being sold as is