1984 Mustang SVO

9W (Dark Charcoal)

VIN 1FABP28T5EF163512

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Car Details
Slapper bars No
Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

Dutton VA USA 23050
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Purchased in August 2009, replaced the front rotors, replaced water pump  timing belt, spark plugs and wires with genuine ford parts. Cleaned undercoating from engine bay, powdercoated the rocker cover an intercooler frame with crinkle black finish and started detailing the engine bay and replaced the headliner. Currently the car is driven enough to exercise it and is kept in a climate controlled garage. Body work will get done when I find the body shop.

41,088 Miles on
Novelty OH USA
Entry Photo
Sold for $3,050.

1984 Mustang SVO, one family owned with 41,088 unmodified, original miles. This car was bought new in 1984 by my father-in-law, a Ford worker, then given to my mother-in-law, then to my wife. We know the history of this vehicle from day one! The paint is original and is faded, there is rust on the bottom of the doors that will need to be addressed. There is also some rust starting on the rear hatch. The passenger side door was dinged in a parking lot last year (after a lifetime of no accidents), the headliner is sagging and the dash pad is cracked from the sun (common problem with these cars). This car starts right up every time, even after sitting for weeks. It is drivable, but has been sitting since last fall so the brakes are sticking a little. It has the original Hurst shifter and Koni adjustable shocks and struts, original wheels, jack and spare tire, the turbo works, the power windows both work, the wipers and washer fluid pump work, the power door locks work, the radio and everything else seems to be in good working order. The interior is near mint condition. The car still has all four original floor mats and the original rear hatch sun shade as well. This is an excellent vehicle for restoration or driving!