1984 Mustang SVO

2A (Medium Canyon Red)

VIN 1FABP28T3EF116687

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Car Details
Slapper bars No
Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

78,115 Miles on
Owned by Shelby Stevenson in Bethlehem NH USA

This is my new baby. Its a 1984. My parents and I were driving back from St. Johnsbury, VT and my dad happened to see this mustang with what he called "...a weird offset scoop...". I just about died. I screamed to turn around and he did. Come to find out, it was posted on EBAY. So i begged for some money and my dad gave me the credit card. Ended up paying $3050 for it. She had less than 78,000 miles when i bought her. Interior was really mildewey. It had sat in a barn for 12 years. As of now, everything but the foglights work. The ONLY wear on the interior is the top of the steering wheel and the top of the shifter. Im only the third owner. The only problem with the exterior is a few MINOR dents and a cracked rear bumper. Otherwise, it runs like a dream and just needs a buff job. And, this is my second Mustang. Im 19 and have a 1983 GT as my daily driver.