1984 Mustang SVO

1C (Black)

VIN 1FABP28T2EF129642

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Car Details
Slapper bars Yes
Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

115,000 Miles on
Owned by eBay seller in Lake Hughes CA USA
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Asking price $2,800. Sold for $2,200.

Found on eBay. Buy-it-now is set at $2,800.

I got this car in early 2006 with the intention of gradually restoring it. I am pursuing a second college degree and don't have the resources to see that plan through now, so here it it is for sale. It is an early production "slapper bar"car built sometime prior to December 1983 when the traction bars were dropped in favor of quad shocks on the rear suspension.
First and foremost, it starts, runs, drives, and I have a clean title for it. It is one of about 9,800 SVOs ever built. It is on a current non-op registration, so there are no back fees stacking up. It will need to be smogged before you can get tags for it. Mileage is an estimate.


Runs well, compression around 145-155psi on all cylinders, better performing E6SE turbo manifold and water cooled stock replacement T3 turbocharger. Exhaust was replaced at some point and I think the muffler is a Magnaflow or Dynomax. There is mild tone to the exhaust, but it is not loud at all. Valve seals have maybe 1000mi on them. The thermal fan switch does not work, so the fan doesn't come on. The fan controller is in fine shape and has never burned itself up nor the wiring. The A/C compressor was locked up when I bought the car and it still is, so the A/C doesn't work. The heater core leaks and has been bypassed; I have a new core that is included with sale of the car. A new timing belt and tensioner is also included. The battery is old and does not hold a charge for very long.


The paint is showing some age from desert sun exposure and could stand to be rubbed-out at the least. Some paint is cracking on the hood around the passenger headlight. Some urethane is showng through on the rear bumper cover. Some of the door trim is missing. Most of the paint has faded off of the mirrors. The tires are dry and cracked. The passenger rear is flat in the photos because the valve stem broke off while I was washing the car. I put another wheel on in the interim and the original is in the hatch. I just wanted to show that I have all four original wheels.


Carpet has a spot here and there. The passenger front and rear bench seat is in pretty good shape. The driver's seat needs to be reupholstered. The dash pad has typical cracking, especially around the speaker grates. The fuzzy dash sections are in good shape. The steering wheel needs to be recovered. Plastic panels in the hatch are so-so and the hatch carpet is weak from sunlight. Spare tire is still present and good, although the tire iron and jack are missing.

I'm trying to be as complete as possible, but this is an old car, and I'm sure I'm missing something.