1984 Mustang SVO

9W (Dark Charcoal)

VIN 1FABP28T1EF202872

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Car Details
Slapper bars No
Interior Cloth
Sunroof Yes
On Road Yes

47,000 Miles on
Owned by Steven Glaab in Omaha NE USA 68164
Entry Photo

Purchased from Art McGrath.  It has aftermarket electric sunroof installed back in the mid-late 80s.  MCA 100 pt trophy winner.  Art had installed a 6pt bolt in cage for his visits to Road America MCA events.  I've since removed the cage (yes it was cool but I like the stock appearance).  It came with an extra set of newly refinished year correct wheels and ORIGINAL NCT tires for shows.  As far as I can tell the car has sat in Arts pole barn garage since around 1994.  (best guess).  Art also has an ASC Mustang he is restoring (low miles too).