1984 Mustang SVO

1E (Silver)

VIN 1FABP28T1EF119491

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Car Details
Slapper bars No
Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

47,627 Miles on
Brentwood NY USA
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For sale.

Found on eBay.

 Over all the car's condition is very good. Great easy restoration project for someone who has the time. Very little rust on the body. Still has original 23 yr old paint. It could use a new paint job. Driver door was replaced with a door from another 84 SVO, before I bought the car,same color. The door is the only part of the car with another coat of paint. The interior is also in very good condition , no tears on seats or carpet. Headliner is starting to sag, it may need to be reinstalled, but it is not ripped. No known accidents to the car. Exhaust system was replaced about a year ago with an upgraded E6 manifold. Windows are tinted. A new stereo CD player is installed. Tires have about 3/4 of tread left. Wheels are original 16", 5 lug. 4 wheel disk brakes, hurst shifter. Car has been parked for about a year due to a faulty alternator. Alterantor has just been replaced. Car started up on the first try. Been driving it for the past couple of days with no problems and lots of power. Car is located in Suffolk NY (Long Island).